The Imprisonment of Entropy

Adventures in Time
  • Gimble “Glitterhands” Garrick notices that Garl Glittergold is off and looks more weary then usual. After discussion Garl revels to his cleric that he his having to exert more will to keep portals opening onto Bytopia.
  • Additionally the Party notices more Gnomes in Golunk than before. many indicate they are refugees from the material plane and that conditions there are becoming more and more challenging.
  • The party prepairs and travels to the Elemental Plane of Earth. Once there they seek out a bank.
  • After finding a perticually helpful bank, Willem decides to attempt his first time travel spell since obtaining the Manual of Time. Willem transports himself, Izzeth Orlyviir, and Azraell 100 years into the past to deposit what the party had in walking around money to reslove any future monetary issues. They manage to invest just over 41K Plantinum pieces, and after the 100 years of interest and support they now have 92,299,949,501.56 GP, 5 SP, and 6 CP. The length of time proved benefical and the bank used the growing cache to fund multiple loans for which the party is making approximatly 32M GP per year.
  • The party later met with the leader of the Dao to where they could find Grumbar. Given the party has inadvertently generated the wealth the Dao enjoy so much, the Dao have offered assistance in the form of a guide who will met the party to lead them into the deep regions of the plane tomorrow. Though they do not know where Grumbar is as they have not seen him for quite some time.
  • The party returns to Fira and Thakel’s Quill and ask for information on Grumbar. Willem is escorted by the shop keep (Thakel) into the shops catacombs to their rare area. The deeper in, the older it got, at a set point scribes were working to convert the scrolls onto stone tablets. As they reach the end of the catacombs the pair enter a smaller room. Thakel looks around for a small time and pulls out a stone tablet.

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